The Rockstudios is a recording studio located in Bilbao, northern Spain (Basque Country), established in 1982.

We provide a complete range of professional services for all recording and post – production needs:

  • Direct to stereo recording
  • Pre and post production editing
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Arrangement and composition
  • Production
  • Narrative production
  • Training and internship
  • Demos
  • Sound of picture
  • Surround mixing
  • Archiving
  • Tape baking and digitizing
  • Musicians
  • Songwriting and composing for bands and solo singers.


Recording Studio Facilities
The recording studio offers digital recording environment based on Pro Tools. We offer a wide range of quality microphones, outboard gear, and a vast range of virtual instruments and plugins. We provide a range of instruments, like guitar amps and bass, acoustic drums and percussion sets.

The Rockstudios offers professional services and composition of songs. We can put music into lyrics and develop the ideas into a complete polished song on a CD or MP3 layout.

No meter where you are, a beginner or a reputable artist we can help you create the ideal songs, sophisticated enough to match your creative and professional aspirations.  Just get on the on the right track.

We have more than 20 years experience in songwriting and composing with numerous singles for record labels and Indies. Our vast experience covers a wide range of music categories and styles like Rock, Punk, RnB, Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop, Metal, Experimental, etc.
Our clients have included labels and signed or unsigned artists.

The Rockstudios offers an affordable, cozy, top quality recording studio, to the musical community,  right in the heart of the fabulous Bilbao (home to many of us) – always with the professional touch  of our excellent engineering staff, surrounded by a relaxing and warm environment.

Our state-of-the-art recording system features the top digital system available – a ProTools HD2 system.

Additionally, we feature great preamps, including Pro Control, with Focusrite previous. Also, we have many excellent microphones including Rode, Audix, Shure, Senheiser and others.

Our “live room” has been especially designed in order to have a great natural acoustic, with big mirrors on the walls and a variety of great sounding wall surfaces. The natural acoustic of the “live room” has been noticed by many of our clients stating that the recordings they have made in the The Rockstudios sound much different and better than previous recordings made in other respectable Spanish studios (always overrated).

We disagree with the idea that a recording studio should be like a laboratory – cold and sterile. We designed our studio to be a warm, cozy and spacious, a very comfortable place, relaxing, like being in your living room at home. Our deep red, blue, dark grey, purple walls, sparkle with the reflective glitter while lava lamps and candle, create a colored lighting set that makes an inspiring creating vibe.

Please make yourself at home.

Contact details below, if we make you think about us.

Phone: 00 34 94s4220563

Email: – and we answer shortly.